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Dairy Mousse



Kosher Cakes Delivery in Israel



Shocolin, simply the best!

cake delivery in jerusalem






Cake delivery in Jerusalem - Israel

Kosher Mehadrin min Hamehadrin All Products are Bdatz Eda Charedit under the Supervision of Rabbi Tsionn Israel Taieb



shocolin`s birthday cake delivery
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Send a birthday cake to your loved ones today!









send a cake in israel

cake delivery

deliver cake in israel

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holiday gift cake

birthday cake

cake delivery in jerusalem



cakes delivery in jerusalem


birthday cake delivery in jerusalem israel

send birthday cakes in Israel


Want to send your loved ones something other than flowers or other boring gift?
Looking for something different and special to make them happy?
Kosher cakes delivery is the most refreshing idea to delight and please anyone.
Send them a cake - choose from one of our amazing and decadent mousse cakes to sweeten their special day.
Sending birthday cakes in Israel today is not a problem, surprise anyone you wish with a cake delivery to their doorstep in Jerusalem and surrounding areas.
At Shocolin we offer you a wide selection of our amazing dairy and parve mousse cakes of the highest quality ingredients, made by professional chefs with world wide experience
In addition, we offer cakes, desserts, petit feurs, cakes with edible pictures and dessert catering for all events including bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, private parties, anniversaries, Jewish holidays, and more. All cakes are made to order and delivery in Jerusalem and surrounding areas is available.
imagine the happiness and smile of your loved ones in Israel when they receive a cake delivered to their doorstep. All cakes are kosher badatz eda charadit.





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